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Get Your Hands on Sword Art Online’s Sinon’s Specs

Sword Art Online II’s Shino Asada, alias Sinon, wears some pretty distinctive spectacles, and now those glasses will be available in real life courtesy cosplay merchandiser Cospa.

The glasses, which some will no doubt use specifically for cosplay, can also be outfitted with real prescription frames, making them perfectly suitable for everyday wear too.

The frames will cost ¥10,000 (about $83), with prescription frames costing another ¥2,500 ($21).

This isn’t even the first time Sword Art Online has inspired eyewear: back in February, Otaku USA readers showed a lot of interest in a series of SAO glasses by maker Heart Up.

But is it just me, or are these Sinon ones are even cooler?

Source: ANN

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