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Get Ready for Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury

Don’t think less of yourself if that name doesn’t ring a bell, because ever since its debut on Nintendo 64 (import-only) Treasure’s Bangai-O series has remained under the radar. Even when the original made its way to Sega’s Dreamcast it clutched its cult hit status tightly, and refused to let go through the 2008 DS follow-up, Bangai-O Spirits.

You’d think it would be tough to keep the life in such an awesome series with such a small following, but Treasure is doing just that with Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury for Xbox Live Arcade. If you’ve played the series before then you know hi-def might be the biggest boon for it yet, because Bangai-O is all about the tiny details.

In it you pilot a mech that, in relation to all the mayhem on screen, actually appears quite tiny. Don’t let that fool you, though; it’s the battle around you that looms large, as enemies pummel you and vice versa with the fury of hundreds of rocket projectiles. It’s madness when it gets going, and Missile Fury looks to follow the more pop-in-and-play mission structure of the DS entry.

The 100-plus level insanity of Bangai-O HD will be available on Microsoft’s service this fall.

Source [Joystiq]