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Get an Exclusive Pokémon at 7-11

All hail the Japanese convenience store. Far as could be from its grubby American counterpart, the average Tokyo conbini is spic-and-span, the staff greet you with a bow, and the food’s actually edible.

That’s not even mentioning the frequent tie-ups with anime, manga and video games, like the Attack on Titan and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure promotions we featured a few weeks ago.

Not to rest on its laurels, 7-Eleven’s at it again with a Pokemon campaign that no doubt has 3DS-wielding children throughout the country dragging their parents to the nearest shop.

Basically, the deal is a tie-in with the upcoming Pokémon The Movie XY: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction, which comes out in July. If you buy an advance ticket to the film at 7-Eleven, you receive a 3DS download code that can only be used when connected to 7-Eleven’s wireless internet network (we told you Japanese convenience stores are cool).

The download code adds to your Pokéarsenal one Darkrai, which I was personally unaware of (there were only 151 back in my day, kids) but which Bulbapedia informs me originally appeared in Pokémon Diamond/Pearl and is unavailable in X/Y (unless imported from the previous game). So it’s not exactly exclusive only to 7-Eleven, but still, a pretty cool bonus for buying that movie ticket.

Incidentally, according to Bulbapedia, the upcoming Pokémon film is the seventeenth in the series. That’s, um, a lot.

Source: 7-Eleven

Matt Schley

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