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Gantz Subbed at Viz Cinema for One Night Only

It seems impressions of the live-action Gantz premiere were pretty solid all around… except for one little niggling detail. The fact that the film was presented with an English dub clearly rubbed a lot of viewers the wrong way, but San Francisco residents (and bold travelers) now have an opportunity to see it was it was meant to be seen.

Viz Cinema is setting up a very special subtitled showing of Gantz later this month. It’s a one-night-only affair, and will be followed by a Q&A with a couple cast members. The subbed action goes down on February 19 at 7:15 PM.

Did anyone here check out the dubbed premiere? If so, would you gladly venture forth into the theater once more to catch the actors jabberin’ in their native tongue? Sounds like a nice way to spend a Saturday night to me.

Source [Japanator]