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Funimation to Release Live-Action Black Butler Movie This May

This week Funimation announced plans to bring the live-action Black Butler movie to home video in North America. The Blu-ray and DVD release is due out on May 2, with pre-orders now open ahead of release.

Official synopsis:

Inspired by the hit anime series Black Butler, this live-action adaptation brings an all-new story featuring a familiar demon butler doing what butlers do best: helping their masters seek revenge.


The Black Butler is back—and there’s an all-new mystery to be solved. An alarming number of dignitaries from all over the world have turned up mummified with no clues about their murders except for a mysterious calling card, a tarot card, left behind at every crime scene.


This time, Sebastian serves Earl Kiyoharu Genpo. Together, they’re up to some familiar antics. There’s the mind-boggling mummy mystery that needs to be solved, plus there’s a more personal mystery involving Kiyoharu that needs to be solved as well. The two could possibly be linked, so it’ll take one hell of a butler to figure it out!