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Funimation Partners with Fuji TV, Streams NoitaminA Block

The saga of simulcasts continues, and this one is particularly interesting. For those not familiar with the NoitaminA name, it’s a block of quality anime that airs on Fuji TV. It’s previously been home to shows such as Honey and Clover, Moyashimon, and Eden of the East, among others.

The current lineup features the animated adaptation of Natsume Ono’s House of Five Leaves, and next week marks the start of Tatami Galaxy. Now Funimation has partnered with Fuji TV to bring this block stateside; not only that, but the shows will be streaming just an hour after they air in Japan.

It’s okay if you missed the premiere of House of Five Leaves yesterday, I did too. Tune in at Funimation’s site, April 22 at 11:45 CDT to catch Tatami Galaxy. Or you could just watch ’em all at that link whenever you like!

For a pre-show primer in the meantime, sample the House of Five Leaves manga over at Viz’s Ikki site.