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Crunchyroll Responds to Concerns About Funimation Digital Copies Not Transferring


Funimation is officially shutting down in the beginning of April as part of its merger with Crunchyroll. However, digital copies at Funimation are not transferring, which is controversial to many anime fans. Crunchyroll has since responded.

“[We] are working really hard directly with each [customer] to ensure that they have an appropriate value for what they got in the digital copy initially,” Crunchyroll president Rahul Purini said in The Verge’s Decoder podcast. “As people reach out to us through customer service, we are responding and handling each of those requests as they prefer.”

Questioned about what appropriate value would entail, Purini continued, “So it could be that they get access to a digital copy on any of the existing other services where they might be able to access it. It could be a discount access to our subscription service so they can get access to the same shows through our subscription service.”

In response, The Verge writer Ash Parrish decided to test this out with getting her digital copies and wrote an article about her experience titled “Funimation’s solution for wiping out digital libraries could be good, if it works.”

The problem is that, at least so far with her experience, it’s not working. She wrote, “I received two emails that were essentially the same boilerplate customer service response apologizing for the inconvenience but not providing any kind of solution to my issue.” Her article continued to describe how she was not getting the help or answers she needed:

I asked if Crunchyroll would at least be willing to comp me a premium subscription so I could continue to watch Steins;Gate — something Purini said the company was actively doing for customers who ask. As of publication, Crunchyroll customer service has not responded.

Have you been trying to get your Funimation digital copies worked out with Crunchyroll? What has happened?

Source: The Verge


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