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Form Up in Style With Voltron Super Mini-Pla Kit

voltronThe legendary Defender of the Universe is BACK in a new Voltron Super Mini-Pla kit from Bluefin and Bandai’s Shokugan brand. The latest addition to the Super Mini-Pla lineup features five fully articulated Lions that combine to form the giant robot we all know and love, and it’s available to purchase for a cool $70.

The new model kit stands at over 7 inches tall when fully completed and formed from the mighty combination of Black Lion, Red Lion, Green Lion, Blue Lion, and Yellow Lion. Voltron also packs in its shield and, of course, Blazing Sword, and parts from each of the Lions can be combined to form the Shokugan-original Mega Blaster weapon.

Other kits in this line include Power Rangers Titanus, King of Braves Gaogaigar, and Power Rangers Dragonzord, and just like our go-to Coldstone Creamery size, we gotta have it.