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Five Things YouTube Has Done to Kaguya-sama’s Chika Dance

Chika Chika but make it JoJo

Recently, the official YouTube video of loved (and memed) “Chika Dance” surpassed 20 million views. Voice actress Konomi Kohara commented on the milestone on her Instagram, thanking fans for their support.

This milestone, though, only covers views for Aniplex’s video of “Chikatto Chika Chika,” which can only be viewed in Japan. Outside Japan, millions more have viewed the video on its own and as part of episode 3… and some YouTubers have gotten creative with the beloved sequence. So, to cap off Kaguya-sama: Love Is War‘s latest victory, here are just a few things YouTube has done to the popular ending.


Made It 10 Hours Long

I mean, this is obvious. If you’re going to put anything on YouTube, someone will eventually make a 10-hour loop. The Chika Dance is no exception, so if you’re feeling a need to watch it 400-ish times but don’t want to have to set it to loop yourself, you’re covered. Alternately, it’s a perfect link to send to someone who needs a little sunshine and joy in their lives.


Did a Guitar Cover

ChakiP has come up in the past when we talked about awesome anime cover artists, and he’s back again here! His cover of the upbeat song is somehow even more upbeat. So if you were resisting getting up and dancing before, all bets are off now. Just give in — the power of the Chika Dance compels you!


Made It Eurobeat

Want to listen to Chika’s dulcet tones, but also need to deliver tofu and/or overtake a street racing fool on a mountain pass? Pop this Eurobeat remix on and rage your dream. (Also, drive responsibly; we kind of have to say that.


Filled It with JoJo Memes

Keep your hand on the volume control if you delve into this particular Chika Dance iteration. It is exactly what you expect it to be based on the thumbnail. But of course, everything will eventually become a JoJo reference, so this was inevitable… right?


Performed Their Own Versions

If there’s an anime dance, the fans will learn it — and it will be awesome. Lots of YouTubers have put together videos of themselves doing the Chika Dance — some in costume, some on sets, and some just wherever and whenever. This is a very small sampling of what’s out there. It’s definitely worth your time to jump down the Chika Fujiwara YouTube rabbit hole and see all these talented dancers and cosplayers.

Of course, the best part is the creativity. Whether it’s fans showing off their talent, being silly, or a little of both, you love to see it. It’s no wonder the Chika Dance is as popular as it is.

Kara Dennison

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