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First Details on Trigger’s Kill La Kill

After the circulation of some vague teasers, the website for Trigger’s new anime Kill La Kill is open. This project is going to reunite the creative team of director Hiryouki Imaishi and writer Kazuki Nakashima, who previously combined into the heart and soul of 2007’s hit robot anime Gurren Lagann. Imai had busied himself with Panty and Stocking before going off and founding the new Trigger studio, and Nakashima had been penning the adventures of the friendliest Kamen Rider.

We don’t know anything yet aside from the website and a vague commercial, both centered on this key visual: wreckage, a pissed-looking schoolgirl in an outfit that itself looks pissed, a nasty blood-crimson blade, and an even angrier-looking rival looking scornfully down from the clouds. Character designs are courtesy of the veteran animator Sushio, and the thought of frantic swordfights with the crushing physical impact of Sushio’s animation is exciting just to consider. The tagline is “To wear, to kill, to hunger, to (become an) ogre, to live.” In Japanese it’s pronounced “Kiru kiru kiru kiru, ikiru.” Sounds intense! As soon as we hear more, we’ll let you know, so stay hype.

Sources: Official website Translation via @rollingpiranha on Twitter