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Fire Emblem Mobile Game Comes to Android, iOS

Okay, so Super Mario Run didn’t sell quite as well as expected, but Nintendo’s first foray into smartphone gaming did net them several million dollars.

The company is continuing its mobile rollout with Fire Emblem Heroes, a new mobile game based on the long-running Fire Emblem franchise, which was announced today.

Perhaps owing to the mixed reception of Super Mario Run’s $10 price tag, Fire Emblem Heroes will be free to play and will debut on Android first (February 2), with the iOS version released at a future, as-yet-unannounced date.

Heroes, like other games in the Fire Emblem franchise, is a tactical RPG, but maps will be relatively compact, made to fit the area of the screen. The “heroes” of the title refers to characters from various games in the franchise, which players will be able to summon (via in-app purchases, natch).

The game will contain several modes, including the main story, training, an online area mode, and “hero battles,” which contains limited-time battle scenarios.

Source: Polygon

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