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Final Attack on Titan Manga Volume to Include Original Drafts

final attack on titan manga

The launch of the final Attack on Titan manga volume is a big event, so naturally it’s coming with some extras in Japan. Due out in stores on June 9, one of the editions of the final volume will come packing two drafts of the series that were submitted to editors of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine prior to the manga’s serialization. That version is appropriately called “Beginning,” but there’s also an “Ending” edition of the volume on the way.

Those who pick up the “Ending” edition of the final Attack on Titan manga volume will get drafts for chapters 138 and 139, so both sound like a must for hardcore fans of the series. They’ll be on shelves in Japan the same day as the standard edition of volume 34 on June 9.

As for the English version of the final Attack on Titan volume, look for that one to arrive on October 19.

If you missed our previous post, the issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine with the final chapter of Attack on Titan sold out and ended up needing a reprint, which rarely happens with manga magazines.

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