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FFVII Remake Directors Talk About Upcoming Yuffie Chapter

final fantasy vii remake

Square Enix put an interview on its website where Final Fantasy VII Remake Co-Directors Naoki Hamaguchi and Motomu Toriyama talk about the Yuffie chapter that’s soon to be released.

“It’s very much the same Yuffie we all know and love that appears in Midgar,” said Toriyama. “She’s still elusive, and still does things at her own pace, but she’s also fired up by her desire to exact revenge for her homeland of Wutai—and to execute her mission as a ninja.”

Toriyama continued, “Don’t worry – in the new episode Yuffie’s the protagonist, so rest assured you don’t have to worry about your valuable Materia getting taken away.”

Hamaguchi said, “The new episode takes place at the same time that Cloud and company are continuing their fight in Midgar. The story follows Yuffie on her mission as a ninja operative—tasked with stealing valuable Materia from Shinra.

“Our goal was to present players with a story that leads up to Yuffie’s later encounter with Cloud and his group. In addition, the new episode was an opportunity to dig deeper into the lore of Final Fantasy VII.”

Source: Square Enix


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