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Feature Watch: Walking Through the Garden of Words

The world of anime still has a handful of directors that make everyone stop and take note. Obvious choices include heavy hitters like Hayao Miyazaki, Mamoru Hosoda, Hideaki Anno, and Makoto Shinkai, the latter of which recently unveiled his latest work, Garden of Words. If the ponderous beauty of the trailer already grabbed your attention, you’ll want to spend some time with INK’s feature story in the latest issue of Otaku USA magazine.

In INK’s own words, Makoto Shinkai’s pair of main characters, Takao and Yukino, engage in encounters that “explore an emotional epic about lives in flux and the refuge to be found within one another’s company on the outskirts of loneliness and uncertainty.” Hmm, I think if you put that in front of anyone familiar with his work they’d recognize it as vintage Shinkai, but it seems that’s just a fraction of what makes Garden of Words so timelessly appealing.

You’ll have to read the full feature for more on what makes Shinkai’s latest films one of his most intoxicating. And don’t worry about spoiling the experience for yourself, because as INK puts it, that’s simply impossible to do with Garden of Words. In a world this visually stunning, it’s all about taking the journey and watching the rain-soaked tale of love unfold for yourself.