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Feature Watch: Girls und Panzer Fires Away!

We’ve already done a bit of after-school activity with Girls und Panzer on this website. As a bonus to the current issue’s cover story, we discussed director Tsutomu Mizushima’s earlier work, Haré+Guu, but don’t let that keep you from the main event. In the feature, Caleb Dunaway takes a strategic look at what makes Girls und Panzer strong enough to be more than just a simple gimmick.

If you think even for a second that the world of tank operation and warfare is manly, Girls und Panzer will have you doing a double-take. While its premise of girls taking part in tank skirmishes as an extracurricular school activity may seem silly at first, anime production studio Actas and director Mizushima play it all earnestly enough to solidify its themes while keeping things fun.

Girls und Panzer does a solid job of skirting the obvious, and plays its setup with a completely straight face, putting even more weight on the intense tank battles. Be sure to dig Caleb’s full feature in the new issue!

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