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Feature Watch: AKB0048 Anime Charms ‘Em All

The world is full of great mysteries, but perhaps none are more potent than this one: How did Daryl Surat manage to get hooked on an anime like AKB0048? Thankfully, his feature in our latest issue answers all those burning questions and more as he dives into what makes chief director Shoji Kawamori‘s show such an alluring piece of sci-fi idol worship.

There is, of course, that Kawamori connection. But the mind behind classic classic fare like Macross Plus isn’t the only winning factor in this dystopian twist on pop mega-group AKB48’s towering fame. There’s also writer Mari Okada, who some of you might remember from anime such as Black Butler, Vampire Knight, and Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine. Perhaps it’s just the right blend of everything at work. As Daryl mentions in his feature, “AKB0048 excels by its integration of the trials of showbiz with contemporary takes on sci-fi mecha action and supernatural mystery.”

So that’s one mystery down, but to get the full scoop on what’s so special about the AKB0048 anime be sure to check out the August 2013 issue of Otaku USA magazine, on sale now.

Read our full story on AKB0048, in the August 2013 issue of Otaku USA Magazine. On sale now, it also includes in-depth coverage of Sword Art OnlinePsycho-Pass, Mamoru Hosada, and more of your favorite anime and manga.

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