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Fairy Tail x Rave Master Manga to Be Animated

Fairy Tail and Rave Master (AKA Rave and The Groove Adventure RAVE) creator Hiro Mashima hopped on Twitter to announce that his crossover manga, Fairy Tail x Rave, is being adapted into an anime to be released on a special DVD. The video will come packed in with the special edition of Fairy Tail volume 39.

The volume goes on sale in Japan on August 16, and the crossover story tells the tale of Fairy Tail and Rave heroines Lucy and Elie searching for both series’ respective heroes, Natsu and Haru. The one-shot manga made its debut in the May 2011 issue of Kodansha’s Magazine Special.

Mashima is supervising all aspects of the project and working on original artwork for new anime sequences, which will add Rave characters Musica and Let to the story. He shared an animation correction sheet on Twitter featuring Rave star Haru, to which Haru’s voice actor Tomokazu Seki replied in kind, “Long time no see.”

To Fairy Tail fans unfamiliar with Rave, Mashima said they’ll be able to enjoy the crossover regardless, but will get even more out of it if they know the series.