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Evangelion invades fashion capitals Shibuya, Harajuku

Has Japan been bombarded by enough Evangelion merchandise? No way, Jose, says Evangelion copyright holder studio Khara, for whom Eva continues to be a golden goose regardless of the critical reaction to the films themselves.

April 24th will see the latest deluge of Evangelion products, courtesy primarily of the DVD and Blu-ray release of the latest film, 3.0. As with the previous two Rebuild films, the video release will be entitled 3.33 and ostensibly feature a few changes and additions from the theatrical release, insuring healthy sales. The video release will also include the seriously cool tokusatsu short Giant God Warrior, produced in collaboration with Studio Ghibli.

April 24th also marks the virtual takeover of Tokyo fashion epicenters Harajuku and Shibuya by Evangelion wearables, including Nerv command center-inspired stockings. I’ve gotta say, if I were a woman I’d be seriously tempted to grab a pair of these. Hey, I’m just saying.

A final event taking place on and around the release of the DVD caught our eye: an Evangelion-themed speed dating event, where men and women pay about $50 to hopefully make a connection with a special fellow Eva fan. There’s something kind of sweet about this one.


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