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Eir Aoi Performs Kill la Kill OP In Front Of A Bazillion Cameras

Those looking forward to Toonami’s upcoming airing of Kill la Kill might want to check out this cool little video that popped up on these here nets the other day.

It’s a concert video from Anime Festival Asia Singapore in which Eir Aoi performs “Sirius,” the first Kill la Kill opening theme in front of a group of enthusiastic, glow stick-wielding fans.

That alone sounds good enough for me, but the really neat thing is the whole video was filmed on a new Sony camera called the Music Video Recorder. Or, more accurately, on fifty of ‘em. Some of them were apparently floating on balloons overhead, and a rack of cameras in front allowed for some kind of ridiculous bullet time-style action.

Yeah, the whole thing may be an extended ad for this new Sony camera, but it’s a pretty clever way to sell it. Plus, Aoi’s got some nice pipes, man.

Source: Crunchyroll

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