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Durarara!! Stage Play Shows Off Its Cast Members in Costume

durarara!! stage play

Ryohgo Narita and illustrator Suzuhito Yasuda’s Durarara!! light novel series is making the leap to the stage in Japan, with performances set to kick off in Tokyo this April. Ahead of that, the adaptation lifted the veil on some of its costumed cast members, and the latest key visual is here to showcase how eight of them look in character.

From left to right, top to bottom below, we have Yuki Kimisawa as Kyohei, Makoto Ohtani as Walker, Marina Tanoue as Erika, Tatsuya Kageyama as Saburo, Sera Mutsuki as Namie, Sion Yoshitaka as Seiji, Akari Takaishi as Mika, and Shun Takagi as Simon.

Here’s the previously released poster:

Via Stage Natalie