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Do You Want an Anime Girl Hologram Greeting You At Stores?

Gatebox has come out with a device that works as a digital assistant, telling you the weather or working with your other devices, kind of like Alexa. But unlike Alexa, it’s not a tube shape. It’s shaped like an anime girl. And Gatebox will shortly be coming out with life-sized versions of it.

It appears the device is not meant so much for home use as for stores. The Japanese site grape explains, “If the market proves receptive, it may not be a far away world where museums, movie theaters, reception desks, event exhibitions, live music venues, entertainment facilities, etc. are equipped with lifelike and life-sized anime holograms as our guides.”

What do you think of being greeted and guided by a hologram anime girl? Is it a dream come true, or perhaps a way that real people will lose jobs to virtual people?

Source: grape


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