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DIY Chopper Costume Wins One Piece Tower Cosplay Contest

one pieceSometimes you just need to go all-out with your costume if you want to win. That’s what a One Piece fan in Japan did for the One Piece Tower theme park’s cosplay contest, One Piece Narikiri Contest 2018, which has been running as part of the ongoing ONE PIECE HALLOWEEN 2018 fair. The winner of the solo division was chosen over the weekend, and the prize went to a highly adorable hand-made Chopper costume.

Souichiro, who played the part of Chopper in his DIY costume, said, “This is the first time for me to get a prize in a One Piece event. My family helped me to make this costume, so I got this win thanks to their support!”

Here’s the commemorative plaque that goes out to winners:

one piece

And a look at Chopper and the other members of what ended up being a group of 10 solo finalists.

Next up is the duo/trio division on October 20, followed by the kids division on October 27.


Via Crunchyroll