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Discotek Goes Wild, Announces Samurai Pizza Cats and More

Yesterday was a humdinger of an announcement barrage from Discotek Media. The company kicked things off with the 1993 Casshan: Robot Hunter OVA series, and then went for a nostalgic haymaker, announcing Samurai Pizza Cats for DVD in two versions.

The fun didn’t stop there, though. While most people were catching some Zs, Discotek finished the triple-whammy with the announcement of Shin Getter Robo VS Neo Getter Robo, originally released in 2000. Discotek’s plan is to release the OVA series on DVD first, with a Blu-ray release planned for later.

Samurai Pizza Cats will come in the form of two DVD versions. One will feature 52 episodes of the absurd English dub, and the other will feature the original 54-episode Japanese version, Cat Ninja Legend Teyande. If anyone needs to clear the cobwebs to remember when Samurai Pizza Cats aired on US television courtesy Saban, here’s the classic intro:

“But wait, what about Casshan!?” I’m getting to that! Sorry, I got really excited about Guido Anchovy and the rest of the Pizza Cats. The Casshan: Robot Hunter OVA will include the Harmony Gold-produced English dub, and the DVD release is scheduled for this year.