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Here’s What the Cast of Di Gi Charat Has Been up to Since 1999!

The cast of Di Gi Charat is back... but they never really went away!

Back in 1999, BROCCOLI hobby store Gamers debuted their mascot, Di Gi Charat. Dejiko, along with other cute animal-eared friends, promoted the store via anime, manga, and music. More than 20 years later, the lead cast is preparing to make some big announcements.

But did you know that 2/3 of the unit known as D.U.P. made their debut in this series? And they’ve all gone on to some pretty impressive roles. Here’s where the girls of the sweet series have been since then!


Asami Sanada (Dejiko)

Di Gi Charat, CV Asami Sanada

Di Gi Charat herself, Asami Sanada, made her debut in the Gamers-sponsored anime project. She’s gone on to play Dejiko in sequels and remakes, as well as appearing as the character in unrelated series. But she’s got an impressive CV outside the single role.

Fans of Rozen Maiden may know her as the voice of Jun, the middle school boy who finds himself embroiled in the dolls’ Alice Game. She also went down a slightly different musical path as Sawa-chan-sensei in K-On! Some may remember that the sweetheart of a teacher used to rock out in a metal band — and it was awesome.


Kyouko Hikami (Rabi~En~Rose)

Rabi~En~Rose, CV Kyouko Hikami

The wannabe idol of Di Gi Charat had two punny names (her real name is a play on singer Hikaru Utada) — and a former magical girl for a voice actress! Kyouko Hikami played the lead in 1995’s Wedding Peach, saving the world as a wedding-themed magical girl.

She’s also appeared as delinquent athlete Seira in Princess Nine, mecha pilot Sai Hinoki in Betterman, and scientist Akita Inuzuka in Boruto. And — not anime-related, but we can’t not let you know — she was also the Japanese dub voice of Topanga in Boy Meets World!


Miyuki Sawashiro (Petit Charat)

Petit Charat, CV Miyuki Sawashiro

Last but not least is Puchiko, Di Gi Charat’s sidekick and generally adorable smol person. Voice actress Miyuki Sawashiro made her debut in this role, and she’s been doing great ever since. Listen for her as Mordred in Fate/Grand Order, Dead Master in Black Rock Shooter, and both Momobami sisters in Kakegurui.

Her biggest role to date, though, may well be Fujiko Mine in recent Lupin III series and specials. She first played the role in the 2011 special Blood Seal – Eternal Mermaid, then was put through her paces in The Woman Called Fujiko Mine. She’s now played the role for ten years!

The lead trio of Di Gi Charat has been doing great for themselves, but we can’t wait to see them together again for next month’s big news special!

Kara Dennison

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