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This Easter, Celebrate Some of Our Favorite Anime Bunny Girls

It's Easter - time for some bunny appreciation!

Anime is full of bunny girls—some more literal than others. So many, in fact, that we could fill several articles with our favorites. But this Easter weekend, we’re at least going to hat tip a few of them.

Because of the sheer number out there, we know we won’t have gotten a lot of people’s favorites. So make sure to let us know which ones you love most! In the meantime, we’re hopping to it with a few of the ones we remember most fondly.


Rabi~en~Rose, Di Gi Charat

Hikaru Usada, a.k.a. Rabi~en~Rose

Be it Easter, Christmas, or any other party night, Rabi~en~Rose does her best to look cool. One of the core members of the Di Gi Charat cast, this bunny girl pursues her idol dreams while helping GAMERS market their anime wares. Alongside Dejiko, Puchiko, and a growing cast of characters, she’s remained a fan favorite for more than 20 years.

Long-time fans also know that Rabi~en~Rose is only her stage name. She’s really named Hikaru Usada—a play on the name of real-world idol Hikaru Utada. “Usada” doesn’t have that same je ne sais quoi as her stage name, and resents being called but her real one. We think it’s pretty cute, though, besides being a great name-check.


Daicon Girl, Daicon IV

Daicon Girl

We don’t know her real name, and we may never. But this bunny girl puts a spring in our step all year long—not just at Easter. First appearing in the Daicon III opening animated by what would eventually become Gainax, she gets a major glow-up between conventions. In the Daicon IV opening, she’s all grown up.

She’s also having adventures in just about every sci-fi, fantasy, and anime franchise you can imagine. The video, set to ELO’s “Twilight,” crams in so many references that people are still trying to catalogue them all even decades later. Our bunny girl fights Darth Vader, flies with Valkyries, and goes toe-to-toe with kaiju. Definitely an inspiration to us all.


Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino

While not a “bunny girl” in the traditional sense, we feel like the star of Sailor Moon fits the bill. Her name is inspired by ancient legends of a rabbit on the moon. And her iconic hairstyle is partially inspired by the ears of a lop-eared rabbit. All that combined is more than enough for us to spare her a thought this Easter.

There’s also her personality: sunny, friendly, well-meaning, and loving. All things that bring to mind the happiness of the spring season and of a long holiday with loved ones. Best of all, she’ll always be out there fighting evil by moonlight for us.

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