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Did a Denzel Curry Music Video Just Rip Off Cowboy Bebop?

denzel curry

Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats recently shared a nearly 24-minute music video for UNLOCKED, and this one mixes in some live-action footage with a bunch animation. That sounds like the basic recipe for a fun music video… except, that is, when some aspects of the animation are accused of ripping off Cowboy Bebop.

The video itself features a handful of tracks, with different styles of animation created by different lead animators throughout. The moment that’s receiving accusations of plagiarism comes in at around 20:52.

Here’s a comparison between that segment and Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, from Twitter user @DilapidatedHeap.


There’s also a segment at 21:36 that’s being compared to the Absolute Duo OP.

Denzel Curry does have an anime connection beyond being a fan. Curry provided “Crash the Server” and “Lonestar Jazz” as insert songs for the Carole & Tuesday anime’s 20th and 21st episodes.

Via Anime News Network