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Collect 70 Pokémon Crackers in Japan and Enter to Win Prizes

There’s a type of potato cracker in Japan called Ottotto, and it likes to do something special with Pokémon on a regular basis. In 2021 their Lightly Salted Ottotto or the Consommé flavored Vegetable Ottotto will be shaped like 70 different Pokémon. They’ll be around through August.

Many will be from the fourth generation as a nod to the upcoming Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes, and there will be the always iconic ones like Pikachu. You can even register your cracker shapes on a Pokédex by scanning them.

People are also rewarded for buying lots of the snacks. If you send in two Ottotoo barcodes, you get in the running for Pokémon themed eco-bags. Three bar codes gets you in the running for a Pokémon plushie. There will be an extra-special prize for ten barcodes, but that won’t be revealed until July.

Source: SoraNews24


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