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City Hunter Gets (Wild) New Anime Film

City Hunter Gets (Wild) New Anime FilmCity Hunter is celebrating its 35th with a brand new anime film.

The tale of Ryo Saeba solving crimes and getting hit with a huge hammer will continue “soon,” according to the teaser trailer for the film.

The ending theme for the film will be good ol’ “Get Wild” by TM Network, which is just as classic as City Hunter itself.

The original City Hunter manga, by Tsukasa Hojo, ran from 1985 to 1991, and spawned a whole mess of spinoffs, anime adaptations and even some live-action films. The latest feature in the franchise was Shinjuku Private Eyes from 2019.

Here’s how Discotek describes that film:

Ryo Saeba is back, bringing the flavors of the 1980s to 2019! When gorgeous model Ai Shindo finds herself stalked by mysterious men, she comes to Ryo and his crew for protection. While he tries to hunt down the potential assassins (and maybe score a little nookie in the process), he ends up catching wind of a superweapon shipment landing in Shinjuku very soon. Could the two be connected? And with City Hunter on the case, will Tokyo survive the night?! City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes brings the beloved franchise into a new era, offering a non-stop ride of stunning action animation, gut-busting comedy, and enough cameos to make any fan squeal!

Source: ANN

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