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Record-Breaking Sprinter Says He’s Inspired by Goku from Dragon Ball Z

23-year-old sprinter Amlan Borgohain just beat the 200-meter national record in India, and when he talked about his inspiration, he didn’t mention other athletes or his coach. He mentioned Goku from Dragon Ball Z!

Before he made his record-breaking 20.52 seconds run (the previous record was 20.63 seconds by Mohammed Ansas), he spoke with his coach and psychologist about getting in the right frame of mind. In his last run he had come in second, and they wanted to find something inspiring enough to push him into first place.

“I am a huge fan of anime and I watch a lot of Drag[on] Ball Z and get inspired by Goku,” Borgohain explained. “So after talking to my coach and psychologist I watched a lot of episodes on the internet and it boosted me. One thing anime has taught me is that there is no limit. That is why I push myself each day.”

His coach James Hillier commented, “We went back to the nationals last year and we figured out where we can make two to three meters of improvement. The first 50 was definitely an area we could work on, and in the last 30m he was already good but we could make him super good. We worked on reaching the first 50m faster. Also getting a little better at running at the bends.”

Borgohain had more to say about Goku. “I have printed 20.50s on the cover of my phone. Since I have almost achieved it I will set a new target. In Dragon Ball Z, Goku always keeps improving himself in the battle. I feel like I have to be like Goku and be plus one in the next event. I never give up.”

Have anime or manga characters inspired you in your work or life like this?

Source: The Indian Express


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