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Cells at Work! Baby Manga Goes on Hiatus for Three Months

cells at work! baby

Yasuhiro Fukuda’s Cells at Work! Baby manga is a spinoff of Akane Shimizu’s Cells at Work! series that first kicked off in Kodansha’s Morning magazine in October of 2019. The manga previously went on hiatus last June, and now it’s set to take a three-month break with plans to return to the pages of Morning this May.

Kodansha Comics publishes Cells at Work! Baby in English, and you can read our review of the first volume. Here’s the official synopsis:

It’s no easy feat to keep a body happy and healthy, so even the newest cells have their tiny-winey, chubby-wubby hands full! Join these cute baby cells as they work hard within their newborn baby body, in this newest (literally!) spinoff of Cells at Work!

The third compiled volume of Cells at Work! Baby hits shelves in Japan on February 22.

Via Anime News Network