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Can You Survive Sabagebu! Survival Game Club! on Video?

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There are so many extracurricular activities to participate in at school, but sometimes it takes a little extra prodding to get someone involved. Momoka Sonokawa knows this all too well, as she finds herself able to get out some of her aggression as part of the Survival Game Club. You can join in on the action with her when

arrives on September 22.

Momoka once again finds herself at another school as the new girl, but something about Aogiri High is… different. This becomes especially clear after she’s rescued by an armed vigilante and assaulted by a platypus, all building up to her being coerced into joining the Survival Game Club.

True to its name, the members of the Survival Game Club are willing to take things to the extreme, and that extends to the lengths club president Miou Ootori is willing to go to to enlist Momoka. Needless to say, this isn’t going to be another simple case of being the “new girl” at school.

Based on the manga series by Hidekichi Matsumoto, Sabagebu! is directed by Masahiko Ohta (Love Lab, Himouto! Umaru-chan), with Takashi Aoshima (Re-Kan!, YuruYuri) on series composition for the Pierrot Plus production. Hopefully even the least trigger-happy airsoft wielders out there will be ready to lock and load alongside

later this month. 

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