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Can Ichigo Retain His Soul Reaper Powers? Find Out in the Final Bleach Collection!

bleachFeatured Spotlight: VIZ Media

The action and drama of Bleach are at a fever pitch in the final set of episodes, which are officially coming to home video via Blu-ray and digital on December 7. You can pre-order your copy of Bleach Set 13 today, and read on for more about what Ichigo is up against in this climactic collection!

Outside of death—which isn’t necessarily the end depending on which series we’re talking about—there’s no fate worse for a shonen protagonist than losing their powers. That’s exactly what happens to Ichigo Kurosaki after his final showdown with a fully-powered Kageroza. One minute he’s in the fight of his life, and the next he’s completely without Soul Reaper capabilities. Flash forward one year, and he’s a normal teenager again.

These aren’t ideal conditions for victory, folks, and Ichigo’s going to need to find a way to restore his powers before it’s too late. As the final collection heads toward a boiling point, Ichigo must put his trust in a mysterious man who claims there’s a way to get his powers back. How much faith can Ichigo really put in his words, though, and what will happen if he can’t retain his Soul Reaper powers in time?

The raucous conclusion of the Bleach anime—which adapts the hit Shonen Jump manga by Tite Kubo—is on glorious display across four Blu-ray discs that contain episodes 338 to 366. Exclusive to the physical release are special features such as an art gallery, clean versions of the openings and endings, and an interview with Michelle Ruff, the voice behind Rukia Kuchiki. Catch up with the series on home video if you haven’t already, and order your copy of Bleach Set 13 today to round out your complete collection.

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