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Blog Watch: Feh Yes Vintage Manga

Do you find yourself longing for something else to kill time with and stare at during the day when you should be doing any number of more important things? I know I wrestle with this dilemma on a regular basis, so surely I’m not the only one.

That’s where today’s Blog Watch comes in, and we’ve got quite the visual treat for you this time. Feh Yes Vintage Manga shares some administrative ties to the likes of the Same Hat and Electric Ant blogs, only this one caters mostly to the glorious shojo artwork of yesteryear.

If you find yourself gazing at the pages below longingly, I highly recommend you head out to a bookstore or hop on Amazon and purchase the Moto Hagio collection, A Drunken Dream and Other Stories. We reviewed it here, if you need more of a push than this.

Check out Feh Yes at the following link: Eyes like a bottomless ocean!