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Bleach Heats Up in the 11th Collection on Home Video!

bleachFeatured Spotlight: VIZ Media

A new collection of Bleach anime episodes is about to arrive, and this one takes Tite Kubo’s saga to another level with the type of high-stakes action for which the series is known. You’ll be able to own the latest set of episodes when Bleach Set 11 touches down on Blu-ray and digital on June 29, so go ahead and order your copy today.

Covering episodes 280-308 of the fan-favorite anime, this four-disc set kicks off with Shuhei Hisagi and Sajin Komamura battling Kaname Tosen in hopes of bringing their former friend back to his senses. Meanwhile, the other Soul Reapers are attempting to take on the dangerous Espadas Halibel, Stark, and Barragan through some left-field tactics that involve forming an uneasy alliance with the Visoreds.

Even if they manage to defeat the Espadas, there’s still Aizen to contend with once the dust settles. The key to taking down the traitorous Soul Reaper may just lie within Ichigo Kurosaki, but you’ll have to catch this set of must-watch episodes to find out how it all goes down.

In addition to 29 episodes with English and Japanese audio options and English subtitles, Bleach Set 11 packs in an art gallery, clean openings and endings, and an interview with Aizen voice actor Kyle Hebert. Secure your copy today and you’ll be ready to join in on the fight when the set launches on June 29!

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