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Berserk Creator’s King of Wolves Manga Gets New Serialization

king of wolves

The late Kentaro Miura is known for his amazing work on the Berserk manga, but he also had other titles to his name, like King of Wolves. Miura’s collaboration with Fist of the North Star creator Buronson had the latter writing while Miura provided the art, and it all came together in a single volume.

The individual serialized chapters originally ran in Monthly Animal House in 1989, and publisher Hakusensha is looking to continue celebrating the life and work of Miura with a new serialization. The return of the King of Wolves manga is on the way to Young Animal Zero magazine starting with the first 80-page chapter in the October 1 issue, which hits stands in Japan on September 13.

While it’s not clear whether or not we’ll be seeing more of Miura’s other works back in the pages of magazines in the future, the editorial department for Berserk magazine Young Animal seem keen on the idea. They said, “Upon the passing of Kentaro Miura-sensei, we decided to plan a series of revival serializations in the hope of bringing his rarely seen early works to our readers.”

Dark Horse Comics released both King of Wolves and its 1990 sequel, Oro Den, in English. Here’s how the describe the first:

A bright-spirited young historical scholar, Iba, disappears while on a lone expedition to study the ancient Silk Road. A year later his girlfriend, Kyoko, sets out for the Silk Road in order to find clues that will help to unravel the mystery of Iba’s disappearance. When she arrives, she finds the charm she gave Iba for protection and moments later she is sucked into a black vortex and loses consciousness. Koyoko awakes to find herself in a very different place and discovers that that Iba is not only alive but is a warrior-slave under the reign of Genghis Khan in 13th century Mongolia! At last, when Iba and Kyoko reunite, they find that there are a series of fates, crueler than the ones they have already endured, awaiting them…

As previously reported, fans will be able to read the first new posthumous title of Berserk when the next issue of Young Animal is released in stores in Japan on Friday.

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