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Before the Summer Anime Season, Catch up on These Returning Series

Oshi no Ko returns for the summer anime season!
It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through the spring anime season! As many of our new favorite shows reach their middle point, we’re looking ahead to this summer. And while there are lots of new titles and anime adaptations coming our way, we’re eyeing up some favorite titles returning to the summer season.

With a month and a half until the bulk of summer anime debut, you’ve got just enough time to catch up to these returning shows. Or, if it’s been a minute, you can refresh your memory before they continue!


Sengoku Youko

Sengoku Youko second cour

Planet With and Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer creator Satoshi Mizukami began the Sengoku Youko manga back in 2007. Its anime adaptation kicked off earlier this year, but there’s still lots more story to tell. Fortunately, the second cour will be part of the summer anime season, continuing the adventures of the fox katawara Tama and her adopted human brother Jinka.

The continuation of the anime adaptation, which will encompass two cours, will cover the manga’s Thousand Demons Chaos Arc. Combined with a third cour in autumn, it seems we can look forward to a complete adaptation of Mizukami’s original manga.



SHY season 2

Superheroics are back for the summer anime season! The anime adaptation of action manga SHY will be returning for a second season, bringing back Teru Momijiyama as she protects civilians with her super-strength. Meanwhile, she’s also battling to overcome her super-shyness.

The series follows superheroes from around the world (Shy included) in what was originally an era of renewed peace. Now, Shy and superheroes like her fight to protect the Hearts of the populus, as the villainous Amalareiks try to manipulate those same Hearts.


Oshi no Ko

Oshi no Ko season 2

The anime adaptation of Oshi no Ko took the world by storm, from its critique of Japan’s entertainment machine to its brutal murder mystery to YOASOBI’s hit opening theme “Idol.” The long-awaited second season will be part of the summer anime line-up, and fans are clamoring to see what’s next.

As it stands, it looks like the second season will at least cover the manga’s 2.5D Stage Play Arc, digging into Kana and Akane’s rivalry. If the adaptation continues at the same pace as season 1 and doesn’t veer into anime-only material, we can also expect to see more of Aqua seeking out the identity of Ai’s murderer.

Before summer begins, let’s celebrate the anime power couples of the current season!

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