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Bathhouse Gives Special Gift For Demon Slayer Donations After Theft

After 20 volumes of Demon Slayer were stolen from Onsen no Mori, the bathhouse asked politely on social media for the manga to be brought back. Not only did the thief eventually bring back the manga, but more than 200 volumes of Demon Slayer were donated by fans. Now Onsen no Mori is making the point to thank the donors by giving them gifts.

The Japanese word for this concept is okeashi, and according to SoraNews24, Onsen no Mori is giving gifts of locally made sake, uiro (a type of sweet rice) and two free passes to Onsen no Mori.

Since some people donated their manga anonymously, Onsen no Mori tweeted, “To everyone who so kindly sent us donations, we are extremely grateful. We humbly ask that you allow us to send you okaeshi, and ask those of you who donated anonymously to let us know your names. Please allow us to send you these items to say thank you.”

Source: SoraNews24

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