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BanG Dream! Franchise Lines Up Two Anime Films in 2021 and 2022

bang! dream

CG production house Sanjigen is returning to the idol superstar world of BanG Dream! with two more projects over the course of the next two years. A pair of new anime films are in the works for the BanG Dream! franchise, with the first set to premiere in 2021 and the second to follow in 2022.

The first is BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia, which will focus on the Roselia members in two episodes, “I: Promise” and “II: Song i am.” The episodes may have screenings both together and as separate showings throughout the release period. “Promise,” AKA “Yakusoku,” is Roselia’s 10th single, which was released in January, and “Song i am” will be included in the group’s second album, Wahl, this July.

The second movie is BanG Dream! Poppin’ Dream!, slated for 2022 and centered on the members of Poppin’ Party.

Source: Official YouTube via Crunchyroll