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Azur Lane VA Asuka Itou Shares Marriage and Baby News

Asuka Itou, the voice of Azur Lane’s Ark Royal, Hamman, Li’l Sandy, and San Diego, has had a big year. She just disclosed on Twitter that she got married in September and recently gave birth to her daughter.

Itou shared a photo of the little one, putting an image over her face to keep her anonymous in the public eye. She wrote that she had been worried about giving birth during the pandemic, among other reasons, but said that all is well. This is her first child. She wanted to wait until after the birth to share all of her news.

She’s eager to get back to work, but is going to do it gradually as opposed to rushing. “I plan to try even harder from now on, so please keep watching over me warmly,” she wrote to fans.

Source: ANN


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