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Ayakashi Triangle TV Anime Set for 2023 Premiere

ayakashi triangle

A TV anime adaptation was revealed for To Love Ru illustrator Kentaro Yabuki’s romantic comedy manga Ayakashi Triangle back in December, and now we have a release window to look forward to. Well, it’s a pretty large window, but we’ll have to make do with 2023 timing for now. 

The main staff and voice cast members will be announced at a later date. 

The Ayakashi Triangle manga first kicked off in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump in 2020, where it ran until early 2022 before moving to Shueisha’s manga app/website Shonen Jump+ in April. Nine volumes have been published in Japan, and English publisher VIZ Media describes the story like so:

Teenage exorcist ninja Matsuri has his hands full protecting his town from harmful ayakashi. But all that exorcising has hardened his heart to the playful and helpless ones. Enter Suzu, Matsuri’s childhood friend who has a crush on him, and who calls ayakashi her friends. But one day, when Suzu is attacked by a powerful ayakashi, Matsuri ends up magically transformed into a girl! The jutsu is permanent, so now he has two challenges—defeat the growing number of ayakashi targeting Suzu and learn how to live as a girl! Is he man, or woman, enough for the task?

Via Crunchyroll News