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AYAKA Anime Highlights redjuice Art in New Visual


Original TV anime AYAKA is scheduled to premiere this July, and one of the key staff members fueling the original character designs is redjuice, known for work on Guilty Crown and more. That art is on display once again in a new key visual that shows off the artist’s striking skills. Check it out at the top of the article. 

There’s also a new voice drama to go along with it:

The folks behind the AYAKA anime at GoRA and King Records previously announced that they would be replacing voice actor Takahiro Sakurai. 

Crunchyroll will stream the AYAKA TV anime—which is directed by Nobuyoshi Nagayama (Happy Sugar Life) at Studio Blanc—when it airs this July. Here’s the official synopsis:

The story follows Yukito Yanagi, an orphan who one day encounters an eccentric disciple of his father’s. The strange man takes him to his birthplace on Ayakajima, made up of seven islands where mysterious beings called “Mitama” and dragons are rumored to reside. There, Yukito meets his father’s two other disciples, who protect the harmony of Ayakajima… which soon threatens to collapse.

Via Crunchyroll News