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Attack on Titan’s Yuki Kaji Opens Live Reading YouTube Channel

yuki kaji

Considering the struggles anime voice actors are facing in the current climate, many are attempting to get creative with their free time. 34-year-old voice actor Yuki Kaji—known for voicing Eren Jaeger in Attack on Titan among other roles—is using his time constructively, and his latest project is a YouTube channel dedicated to reading aloud.

The channel just opened on April 7, but as of this writing it already has over 37k subscribers. Kaji shared a message on his official Twitter at the time of launch, saying, “What I can do now. I have opened my YouTube channel and will start reading aloud in parallel with Twitter. After talking with my fellow voice actors, I have taken action. I hope you live your days warmly and pleasantly in this inconvenient time as much as possible.”

He also shared an introductory video on his channel, starting with, “Reading aloud is a wonderful culture. I am still immature, but I wish I could reconfirm its charm and learn from it. I will read it with all my heart, so I hope adults as well as children will enjoy it.”

His first official reading video will be posted soon.

Source: Yuki Kaji via Crunchyroll