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Attack on Titan Manga Delayed Along with Other Big Titles

attack on titan manga

The current State of Emergency enacted in Japan isn’t just affecting anime, it’s also having a big impact on manga production. Kodansha announced some delays this week, including postponements for upcoming issues of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, which is home to the likes of Attack on Titan, The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Flying Witch, and more.

Kodansha went on to say that they expect they won’t be able to maintain normal publication for “some time after this,” because of the way the State of Emergency affects editing, production, and distribution both in print and online.

Other magazines impacted include Morning Two, Ane Friend, Young Magazine the 3rd, good! Afternoon, Gekkan Young Magazine, HatsuKiss, comic tint, Honey Milk, and Magazine R. The April 15 issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine will hit stands on time as usual, at least this time around.

Source: Bessatsu Shonen Magazine on Twitter via Crunchyroll