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Attack on Titan Is Cool… But We’d Like to See These Anime MMOs, Too

Attack on Titan

Are you ready to join the Survey Corps? Attack on Titan is gearing up for a mobile MMO. Brave Order looks like it’s going to be pretty cool… but look. We have ideas of our own. And some of them are great, and some of them are terrible, and you’re going to listen to all of them.

We’ve got our eyes on more anime that we’d like to see make the jump to MMO format. These titles all have at least one game to their name — be it tabletop, dating, or platformer. But we want to roll up a character and meet you in the arena for a beatdown in these series. Something tells us that’ll never happen, but let us dream.


Revolutionary Girl Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena

The impossibly big Ohtori Academy is full of students (mostly in the Student Council) who really want to stab each other. So, unlike the Attack on Titan co-op game, a Revolutionary Girl Utena MMO would likely be extremely un-co-op. But it would also be extremely cool.

Imagine designing your own aesthetically killer duelist, picking a side, and sparring one-on-one with your fellow players. Best everyone on the server and obtain the Power to Revolutionize the World… We’re not sure what that would entail, though. Maybe a new game plus?


Pretty Cure

Happiness Charge PreCure

The 2012 film Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage taught us that anyone can be a Pretty Cure, if their will is strong enough. We’re on board for that to become a reality: give us a Pretty Cure MMO and let us add our own magical heroines to the Cure Army!

Happiness Charge PreCure toyed with the idea of international magical girls, with each country having at least one Cure of their own. So it’s not too much of a stretch. It would be a lot cuter than Attack on Titan, but it’d be equally brutal. Have you seen some of those finishers?



Macross across the years

What if you want to fight space battles, but you also want to be a bard? Surely, there’s room in this world for a Macross MMO.

The franchise has been rocking since 1982 on the three pillars of Space Battles, Love Triangles, and Music. And there have been plenty of Macross/Robotech-inspired space games. But the integration of music into combat would be stellar. And the team dynamic would be really cool, too, pairing fighter pilots with idols. (Or you could multiclass like Basara.) Sadly, this is probably the least likely on the list to happen. But at least there are lots of game devs out there taking inspiration from the series in other ways.

Get ready to team up for battle when Attack on Titan: Brave Order comes out!

Kara Dennison

Kara Dennison is a writer, editor, and presenter with bylines at Crunchyroll, Sci-Fi Magazine, Sartorial Geek, and many others. Beyond the world of anime, she's a writer for Doctor Who expanded universe series including Iris Wildthyme and the City of the Saved, as well as an editor for the critically-acclaimed Black Archive series.