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Animated Teaser for Korea’s Mega Man MMO

Korea has done more than enough over the years to prove their dedication to the MMO genre, and thus they get access to the kinds some of us non-converts might… actually want to play!

Case in point: Rockman Online. This massively-multiplayer take on everyone’s favorite Blue Bomber (that’s Mega Man, for the slow or slightly less nerdy out there) puts him and his familiar rogues gallery in a 2.5-D online world. The anime-style teaser video below might not be more than a glorified cutscene, but it’s worth a watch nonetheless.

In case you’re curious about, you know, the actual gameplay, here’s a look at the game in action. Also, for those of you not jealous enough of Korea’s stranglehold on cool Capcom franchise MMOs, here’s a video of the Ghosts ‘n Goblins Online game that should sprinkle some salt on the wound. Hey Capcom, I would totally play that!

Source [The Mega Man Network via Dueling Analogs]