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Another Original Shaman King Cast Member Reprises Role in Reboot

original shaman king

One of the most anticipated series coming up this spring is the reboot of author Hiroyuki Takei’s original Shaman King manga. A bunch of cast members have been revealed so far—including some newcomers—many of which hail from the first TV anime adaptation that aired back in 2001-2002. The latest to be announced is Yoko Soumi (Olivier Mira Armstrong in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Misha Stravinskaya in Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution), who is back in the role of Lyserg Diethel in the new anime

Lyserg is a young shaman from London who uses the unmatched dowsing ability he inherited from his father to hunt down his enemies. You can see a visual for the character below, followed by comments from Soumi.

Yoko Soumi comments on the charm of Shaman King:

“I think it’s Yoh-kun’s ‘Let’s go slow’ spirit, after all. If we could, we’d like to go slow, too! I wonder if we have that kind of longing in us? And not only is he loose, he’s strong! …It’s too unfair! (laugh).”

And enthusiasm for the role:

“Lyserg was a role I received 20 years ago, when I had not played many boy roles. And it was a regular cast… The thrill of that time is coming back to me now! I’ll do my best, remembering the spirit that I started with. I would appreciate your support!”

Source: Official website via Crunchyroll