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Anohana Anime Director Hints at Possible Sequel

anohana anime

A few things have been brewing for the 10th anniversary of the Anohana anime, but could more be on the way? It’s certainly fun to think about, and Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day director Tatsuyuki Nagai threw some fuel on the fire during last night’s 10th anniversary screening of the movie.

Nagai took part in a talk with character designer and animation director Masayoshi Tanaka and Poppo VA Takayuki Kondo, who discussed how the aged-up 10th anniversary visual came to be and more. In the process, Nagai hinted at the possibility of a sequel.

The director was astonished at the number of people who showed up for the screening. He joked while looking around the room, “There were so many people buying tickets that they sold out in five minutes, leaving us no choice but to make a sequel.” 

As for that visual, character designer Tanaka originally thought about redrawing the characters in their school uniforms, but was worried it wouldn’t give the visual that “10th anniversary feeling.” He settled on the aged-up concept with the thought that “it would be more emotive if I used the same composition as in the first key visual of the TV anime.”

Tanaka had trouble at first, so he sought advice from director Nagai and scriptwriter Mari Okada, who put their heads together and came up with the final results below.

Would you be down for a sequel to Anohana?

Via Crunchyroll