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Anime Swap Meet Located at COVID-19 Vaccine Center

anime swap meet

SacAnime in Sacramento is having a swap meet April 2-4 and requires face masks. The Sacramento Bee reports that the location of the event is the same as where the “main county-run vaccination center” is located. Vaccines are not being offered there Thursday or Friday (though according to the dates, the swap meet doesn’t start till Friday).

This has led to criticism online that the anime event is blocking vaccines. SacAnime responded with this note on Facebook, arguing that this is not the case:

“We are aware of the concerns regarding the placer county fairgrounds vaccinations clinic closing during our event. The clinic never had plans to be open during the scheduled time, and declined our offer to restrict our event space so they could remain open. The clinic already expanded all the vaccine appointments before hand and saw no need to extend their dates at this time. As always we work closely with county health officials regarding all guidelines, and scheduled the dates far ahead of time.”

The Sacramento Bee says that it reached out to SacAnime for a comment in their piece and did not hear back.

Source: Sacramento Bee


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