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Anime Industry Surges to 2.9 Trillion Yen For the First Time

The anime industry is looking pretty strong at the moment. So strong, in fact, that The Association of Japanese Animations—which represents around 100 anime production companies—has reported on a major industry income milestone. In 2016, the anime industry hit 2.9 trillion yen (about $25.5 billion) for the first time ever.


So, what brought on this sizable growth? Some of the nine areas of business calculated include TV shows, movies, home video, and overseas distribution, the latter of which makes up around 767.6 billion yen ($6.8 billion) of the total when taking both overseas movie and home video distribution into account. 

The next largest chunk behind the expanding overseas market is character goods, which make up roughly 562.7 billion yen ($5 billion).


All in all, anime greatly benefits from all the diverse methods of distribution, including everything from voice actor events to live concerts. Smash hit films like Makoto Shinkai’s your name. also help, and ACA vice-committee chairman Hiromichi Masuda thinks there’s still plenty of room for growth.

Source: NHK News World via Crunchyroll