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Anime Anime’s Readers Decide Best Film of 2013

Anime Anime, one of Japan’s top destinations for anime news and views (mostly news, really) just polled its readership and asked that age-old question: what’d ya like this year?
To be more accurate, the question was “which anime film released in 2013 was the most interesting and satisfying?” And the results are – okay, maybe not shocking – but interesting! Any guesses? I’ll give you a minute.

Okay, I’m back. Taking the number one spot was not, as you may have guessed, The Wind Rises – in fact, that film, which made a buttload of money and was well-received among the general public, garnered a mere 5%.

No, the winner of Anime Anime’s poll with 21% was Madoka Magica: Rebellion (which, to be fair, also made a buttload of money). Okay, so that’s not a huge surprise. Madoka’s popular pretty much everywhere, and while the film received mixed reviews, Anime Anime’s readers apparently dug it.

Where things get really interesting is farther down the list – for example, the number two spot, taken by colon-heavy Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya, which earned 20% of the vote. That’s almost as much as Madoka! Gintama certainly has its fans in the States, but I’m not sure you’d see such an enthusiastic reaction were that film released over here.

After that, we’ve got the latest PreCure film, which, well, whatever, and following that is Makoto Shinkai’s latest, The Garden of Words.

You can see the full list make up your own mind, but let me just say for the record: Patema Inverted was about a hundred times more interesting than Lupin vs. Conan, darn it.

Source: Anime Anime

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